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  • 30 Y2k Aesthetic Ideas

    30 Y2k Aesthetic Ideas

    Y2k aesthetic mirrors the lifestyle of the 90s and early 2000. Also, it is regarded as the futuristic aesthetic that predicts trends that will be followed in the foreseeable future. The trends Y2K aesthetic influence include fashion, such as clothing, hairstyle, makeup, and many others. What is Y2K Aesthetic? The Y2k aesthetic is a trend […]

  • 50 Beautiful Blue Aesthetic

    50 Beautiful Blue Aesthetic

    Blue is one of the vibrant primary colors. It is often associated with the sky and sea. Also, blue could mean cold, trust, loyalty, or calm, depending on its shade. Did you know that the color blue subliminally causes your brain to be calmer? Browse through our collection of 50 beautiful blue aesthetic wallpaper. These […]