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  • 40 Pink Aesthetic Wallpapers

    40 Pink Aesthetic Wallpapers

    Pink is a color of passion and emotion. Little wonder it is considered more feminine. But this is not to say that male folks can use pink wallpaper too. For the record, the pink aesthetic has been gaining more traction online for a good reason. From sleek iPhone wallpaper to amazing background images and stickers, […]

  • 45 Red Aesthetic Wallpapers

    45 Red Aesthetic Wallpapers

    If you are a color enthusiast, you will always need to customize your space, phones, laptops, or tablets with awesome wallpapers. Red is a color filled with so much intensity. It is a color associated with courage, love, sacrifice, danger, warning, blood, life, and death. The aesthetic symbolism of red is such that it can’t […]

  • 50 Beautiful Blue Aesthetic

    50 Beautiful Blue Aesthetic

    Blue is one of the vibrant primary colors. It is often associated with the sky and sea. Also, blue could mean cold, trust, loyalty, or calm, depending on its shade. Did you know that the color blue subliminally causes your brain to be calmer? Browse through our collection of 50 beautiful blue aesthetic wallpaper. These […]